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2016 ROADMAP: 0/28 DONE

- taxi/limo minimission

Major features:
- Police remaking
- Courier remaking
- owning more than 1 house
- VIP Area improvements
- dynamic roadworks

Minor features:
- detailed cargo types
- /status command (or similar)
- POI navigation beacons
- object sideloading support

and more undisclosed features

Next build: B131
(awaiting planning)
15 March 2015, 18:50:11 by DiDok | Views: 1868 | Comments: 3

Breaking news: Applications for 15-slot company base are now open! Refer to this topic: to get more details

Late news: Server is now running on release candidate branch of SA:MP 0.3.7, you can download current version here: This was done to prevent map stealing and secure server against exploits and to prevent prolonged waiting for final release of 0.3.7.

Also late news: Highly anticipated update of Armed's Islands is now live on server! Update includes 2 new islands, reworked old ones (basically everything is new) and a lot of eyecandy so I'll hope you'll enjoy them. Armed took a lot of time and effort to make them so let's send him thank yous for his hard work!
21 December 2014, 11:36:20 by DiDok | Views: 4507 | Comments: 17

Since Christmas and New Year are near, annual Holidays mode is now active on server! Besides usual stuff (/xmas, free /skin and Santa giving coal to naughty cheaters), this year we have 2x cash bonus on Hotloads and Securicar/Trashmaster/Ambulance/Firetruck minimissions, 25% discount on houses and 2 achievements that grant you a unique and quite unusual present! This is accompanied by huge mapping done by Townes, joaom and CoLdy [it's in beta, SA:MP custom objects were mapped using DrEdit that unfortunately has some troubles, eg. leaves Mighty Floating Tree at SF Depot floating no matter how many times I edit it xD] with 2000+ objects.
Holidays mode will be active until 04.01, enjoy and Merry Christmas!
07 November 2014, 20:37:28 by DiDok | Views: 5642 | Comments: 25

Thanks to enormous effort of EricStRoch and joaom, after about 2 years of planning, few weeks of work and regular postponing, server's map, including major POIs and islands, in nice quality, is finally online!

Map is in kind of Early Access stage since there are many potential things to be added, including island names, bus routes, speedtraps, haul terminals, other POIs, houses available for sale etc.

Big thank you to people who made this possible: joaom who implemented GMaps API and Eric who performed tedious task of manually adding islands and other custom objects to standard map image. Drebin was also a helper but bugs in map generator stopped him from delivering (and he tried!), and whole idea was coordinated and executed by me. Hope it'll be useful!
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