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2016 ROADMAP: 0/28 DONE

- taxi/limo minimission

Major features:
- Police remaking
- Courier remaking
- owning more than 1 house
- VIP Area improvements
- dynamic roadworks

Minor features:
- detailed cargo types
- /status command (or similar)
- POI navigation beacons
- object sideloading support

and more undisclosed features

Next build: B131
(awaiting planning)
21 August 2016, 05:36:27 by Armed | Views: 13504 | Comments: 179

21st August 2016

It has been a significant amount of time since Truckmania's last news post. Over 8 months to be exact.
Some of you are no doubt aware of the imminent decline in players on the Truckmania San Andreas
Multiplayer server, as well as the decline in general players in our community. Reading this post
now possibly indicates you, yourself still have atleast an interest in this forum server and community.

In recent times the administrators have been discussing options as how we can adapt to these
new conditions, which brings us back to you guys, the players and members. What we propose
is converting the Truckmania: International Trucking Server, into a steady Truckmania community
forum which will host support for multiple games, and can continue to be a hub for the players
who were brought together by Truckmania and share memories that they would like to retain.

We are opening this thread so you can ask questions, and have input into this proposition,
Is this a good idea to keep the Truckmania community alive into the future? Is it a good idea
to open up and change the forum around to support other games and sub-communities?
Would you use this forum with other players about other games? All this can be discussed
in the forum topic, everything from sharing media, organizing multiplayer events. We hope
this would all operate like the forum does for a single server now, or like the Euro Truck
Simulator topic currently active, with different boards for Discussion, Modifications, Questions
and all other individual game specific material.

Feel free to join this discussion and possibly shape the future of the Truckmania community!

Click here to go to the discussion topic!

-Truckmania's Administrators
24 December 2015, 16:10:27 by DiDok | Views: 2814 | Comments: 11

With slight delay, Holidays mode is yet again active on server! This year, it consists of 2x cash bonus (before company cut, so both you and company earn more!) on random hauls, 2x cash bonus on Bus Driver work (base payment only), /xmas hat, free Donator commands and 2 achievements that grant you another unique RC vehicle! Christmas got saved by Townes, who mapped 1000+ Christmas objects this year.
Holidays mode will be active until 07.01, so log on, get your present, play and enjoy! Merry Christmas!
03 September 2015, 20:36:35 by DiDok | Views: 2012 | Comments: 0

20 new ProTrucking challenges suggested (fully or partially) by players have been added to server. All previous PT challenges are still available, so now we have 50 challenges in total. Have fun doing them!

List of people rewarded for these and previous suggestions is available here: I'll try to give out all rewards ASAP.

If you want to suggest a challenge - do it in that topic too, reward is 2 cookies/20000$ for accepted suggestion + 1 cookie/10000$ for accepted cargo, load and unload suggestions
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