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2014 ROADMAP: 12/46 DONE

- supply truck minimission
- ambulance minimission
- taxi/limo minimission

Major features:
- buying and spawning planes
- buying truck+trailer sets
- VIP Area improvements
- Parking access without house
- dynamic roadworks
- weather zones
- Police reorganization

Minor features:
- own truck bonus
- company noticeboard
- POI navigation beacons
- detailed cargo types
- /status command (or similar)
- /here command (or similar)
- object sideloading support

and more undisclosed features

Next build: B117 (1 minimission, 1 major feature, 1 minor feature)

xxSolution for unnoticed server downtimes

23 August 2014, 13:15:52 by DiDok | Views: 85 | Comments: 0

In case of server being an ass (frozen - kinda harder to autorestart or dead - working on autorestart), please post a topic here: - you can even post it when others did that already, no warns will be given (just don't flood by yourself), this way admins will notice it and inform me (I'm online on smartphone most of the time), they know what to do, thank you

xxReminder about ability to suggest/organize your event

09 July 2014, 15:41:31 by DiDok | Views: 269 | Comments: 0

Yep, it's true, you can post your event idea here: and is possible/reasonable (things like Leftsiding Day, Noone Joins Day or Hunter For Everyone Day won't get through for obvious reason of making absolute mess on server), it will be made, possibly with TET help (I'll try to PERSONALLY enforce this)

Also if you have loads of ideas or you're eager to make events, it'd be appreciated to contact me :D

BTW remember - trying to help and assisting is a sign of good community, not asslicking as toxic people want you to feel about this...

xx5 years of Truckmania!

23 June 2014, 09:11:10 by DiDok | Views: 959 | Comments: 30

It's been 5 years since Truckmania was "born" - it was first hosted 17th June at Boylett's ServerZ side-hosting, but for unknown reason official birthday is 26th :P During these 5 years server evolved from extremely simple, unfinished (60% DONE etc.) yet absolutely unique script to more complex gamemode (28967 lines of code, not counting approx. 27725 lines of objects code) setting a widely-followed standard of "trucking" gamemode.

For this occasion, there'll be one week of special events (ad-hoc) and special features:

- 5x convoy bonus (5000/10000)
- 50% discount on supercars vehicle category
- special, valuable Achievement
- /skin and /myskin available for everyone

Special will run from 22.06 9:00:00 to 30.06 02:00:00. Have fun and thank you for playing since we wouldn't go for 5 years without great community!

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