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2014 ROADMAP: 21/50 DONE

- supply truck minimission
- taxi/limo minimission

Major features:
- VIP Area improvements
- Parking access without house
- dynamic roadworks
- weather zones
- Police reorganization

Minor features:
- fuel system changes
- company noticeboard
- POI navigation beacons
- detailed cargo types
- /status command (or similar)
- object sideloading support

and more undisclosed features

Next build: B120 (1 major feature, 1 minor feature, potentially new objects)

xxServer maintenance scheduled (update)

Yesterday at 17:30:32 by DiDok | Views: 46 | Comments: 0

File maintenance finished, 149171 0-5 score accounts deleted, all Mafia and Police bans lifted

xx"YTLBASE.ORG" And associated sites downtime.

22 October 2014, 09:42:10 by Armed | Views: 233 | Comments: 9

Beginning 19th October, the '[domain]' service linked to many of Truckmania's companies for their private forums all went offline. A Big inconvenience for all involved.
The problem was traced back to DNS And Nameserver issues.

This is just a friendly reminder to the many members who use those forums that the issue has since been rectified, and all users of these company forums should begin to see the website come back online over the next 24-48 hours depending on your Geographic location and how long your local servers take to update their information.

There is no data loss, Your forums will be just as they were before they went offline.
If you have any other issues after the suggested time, Feel free to send me a PM and i will try to find a resolution for you.


xxBuild 119 and spawn moving/helipad adding requests

15 October 2014, 20:45:39 by DiDok | Views: 173 | Comments: 0

Build 119 is live! From now on you're able to buy house trailers, spawn them from parking or place them at your house, but remember you can do it only when you have a truck on another slot! This was done to prevent mess, if you don't want to sacrifice both slots for truck and trailer ("big rig"), you still can spawn trailer from parking when needed.

If you are not happy about your house's vehicle spawn location, you can now easily request change. The same applies to helipad requests - for both issues just refer to this topic: and follow instructions there

Also, server is in beta and bugs will occur for sure - PLEASE REPORT anything bugged or working weird here:

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