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2015 ROADMAP: 14/46 DONE

- supply truck minimission
- taxi/limo minimission

Major features:
- VIP Area improvements
- dynamic roadworks
- Police remaking
- Courier remaking

Minor features:
- detailed cargo types
- /status command (or similar)
- POI navigation beacons
- object sideloading support

and more undisclosed features

Next build: B125
27 June 2015, 16:33:12 by DiDok | Views: 214 | Comments: 13

26th June (aka yesterday), as every year, was the birthday of Truckmania! This year, with slight delay, we celebrate this event with 1 week of special mode, consisting of:

- Donator features available for everyone
- 100% bonus for randomly assigned hauls (non-convoy hauls only)
- -25% discount on aircraft (since it's not flying server)
- "free week" for companies (+7 days to payment countdown)

and usual ad-hoc events galore from admins.

This special will run from 27.06 16:30:00 to 04.07 22:00:00. Have fun!
01 May 2015, 22:56:41 by DiDok | Views: 270 | Comments: 0

Since today, server is running on SA:MP 0.3.7!
You need to download new version from:

New build showcases three most interesting things in new update: civilian car sirens, new objects (signs) and static actors. You can see rest of features added to Build 125 in /changelog.

Please note that /ignore allows ignoring ONE person and requires reapplying when either you or someone you ignore leaves server

Have fun!
15 March 2015, 18:50:11 by DiDok | Views: 685 | Comments: 3

Breaking news: Applications for 15-slot company base are now open! Refer to this topic: to get more details

Late news: Server is now running on release candidate branch of SA:MP 0.3.7, you can download current version here: This was done to prevent map stealing and secure server against exploits and to prevent prolonged waiting for final release of 0.3.7.

Also late news: Highly anticipated update of Armed's Islands is now live on server! Update includes 2 new islands, reworked old ones (basically everything is new) and a lot of eyecandy so I'll hope you'll enjoy them. Armed took a lot of time and effort to make them so let's send him thank yous for his hard work!
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