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2014 ROADMAP: 8/29 DONE

- dynamic roadworks
- ambulance minimissions
- weather zones
- detailed cargo types

and more


08 April 2014, 17:09:10 by DiDok | Views: 82 | Comments: 0

Forum posts got rolled back to state from 03.04.14, if you posted/PMed anything important between that date and downtime (and also today), please repost/resend it. You can use forum without fear of losing posts now.

I'd like to remind that in case of forum downtimes, we have FB page where you can follow status/post urgent things:

From forementioned FB page:

Volt Host being Volt Host (under new management), decided to move to new webhosting node with absolutely no information about it, in the process they used old (April 1st at around 15:00 CET) dump of our webhost service, which resulted in forum's rollback (they lost all CT's data though, so it could be worse).
I'm currently evaluating if it's reasonable to upload database backup made April 3rd and searching for new webhosting since Volt has proven their incompetence nas absolutely no boundaries, so this means forum will be fully accessible and reliable ONLY after announcing so. Please be patient.
Quick update - over 100 posts made in 1-3.04 timeframe, including some important admin-related ones > 30 posts made today, backup will stay

Fortunately no important posts were made today (until I realized forum got rolled back), but still we lost ~2 days of important admin-related discussion, 2 problem topics and few not important things. I'm sorry about that but I had absolutely no idea that such thing will happen.

xxEvents list is now live

22 March 2014, 22:03:47 by DiDok | Views: 187 | Comments: 2

As you may noticed, there is one new addition to forum - list of events. Credits to joaom for coding necessary bits that made it possible. Similar feature will come to server (/events) and main page soon.

From now any event not on this list will not be considered "official", I strongly recommend posting scheduled events at the Events section of forum, so they will be later added to list by TET members or admins.

xxNew SA:MP version!

13 February 2014, 16:36:48 by DiDok | Views: 532 | Comments: 0

Server is now running on newese SA:MP version, to access it, you need to download and install new client:

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